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A CHRISTMAS HOUSE is now available at Amazon and can be purchased either as a trade paperback or downloaded in minutes to most e-book formats that access the Kindle Books App.


Don't have a Kindle or iPad? You can download the book into your Windows PC by going to KINDLE BOOKS at and downloading the free Kindle application for Windows for PC. (It is also available for MAC.) Then type in A Christmas House and Mary Miller. That will take you directly to my book. Add it to your shopping cart, follow the instructions, and you can begin reading in minutes.

For those who like the feeling of a book in their hands (and I am one of them!) it is also available as a trade paperback book at Amazon - The perfect Christmas gift to give or receive!!

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DREAMS FULFILLED - Amazon Top Reviewer

"A Christmas House" by Mary Miller is the perfect book for anyone with sisters, no matter what age they are. This book made me laugh out loud and cry from joy. It's a family that is familiar to a fault. The ultimate acceptance and the ties of family love brighten the spirit. I also enjoyed the quiet strength of a couple married and in love over thirty years. A nice reminder of the couples who do go to the top of the worlds toughest profession, and how they succeed." Marjorie Smith, WI, United States

FUNNY & INSPIRING - Cathedral Times, St. Philips, Atlanta, GA

"Mary Miller's new book A Christmas House is short, funny, inspiring. The characters come out of Mary's own life experiences and they fairly live before your eyes. We have all known folks like them. The story is perfect to have during the Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas season." The Rev. Canon Tom Conley

A BOOKSELLERS DREAM - The Book Shop Inc. Brunswick, GA

"A Christmas House" by author and playwright Mary Miller is a booksellers' dream. The theme of family values is echoing throughout the land. What a find this little book is to support these values. The book is really a book for all seasons, not just for Georgia and the South. The theme is universal. The ability to see something of ourselves in each of the characters, with all of our human foibles, is part of the book's endearing charm." Virginia Hobson Hicks Winner Haslam Award for Excellence in Bookselling


"This theme of embracing one's dreams is evident in her first novel "A Christmas House." Based on a true story, the novel is a funny love story about one man's family and the house he built on St. Simons Island." Matt Fry Brunswick News

TAKING THE NOVEL APPROACH The Neighborhood, Atlanta, GA

"With drama under her belt, Mary Miller explores the world of prose writing. Mary Miller has already accomplished what many of us spend a lifetime dreaming about. She has found her way to the bright lights of show business - she performed off-off Broadway, appeared on a soap opera, and saw her award-winning plays performed across the world...But Mary is far from finishing her dreams. She became a novelist." Diana Schub, Intown Neighbor