(A Matter of) Grace is a contemporary story set in New York City after the greatest economic downturn and housing crisis of our times. It exposes the ugly side of the American economy: the downsizing, the greed, and the games we play with other people's lives.

A modern day Faust, (A Matter of) Grace tells the story of Ann McKenzie, a struggling sales assistant at a cable TV network trapped between the life she thinks she wants, personified by her boss, Senior Vice President Advertising Sales, Joanne Lugano, and the life she fears the most, Joy, a homeless woman on the streets of Manhattan. The story begins with the abrupt downsizing of the offices of the Entertaining Movie Network, which sets into motion a bizarre series of events culminating in a bet between Joanne Lugano and Ann McKenzie. A bet that enables McKenzie to keep her job for the year; but entangles Joy in an unsuspecting game of life and death.

Through the lives of these three women: Joanne Lugano, Ann McKenzie, and Joy, we watch as they gradually switch places, reversing roles, as their dialogue overlaps and their lives mirror one another in ways that blur the line between the rich and the poor, the have's and the have not's, the 1% and those who Occupy Wall Street. (read excerpt)

Full Length Play:
Cast Breakdown:
3 Women (30-50)
2 Men (One 55+; the other 25+)

NOTE: Contains Strong Adult Language


- OUTSTANDING SCRIPT - Gretchen Smith/Jane Chambers Award Administrator

- National Repertory Theatre Foundation - National Play Award

- Raven Theater - Chicago Dramatists - Chicago, IL

- Women At The Door Theatre Competition Chicago, IL - Finalist

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