I Witness explores the divisions within an inner-city, African-American family when they are suddenly jolted from their numbing existence by a brutal murder. Jackson, frustrated with his job and his life, impulsively spends his wife Ruth's savings on a video camera and inadvertently records the brutal killing of an African-American man by the police. Trapped in the dilemma of whether to sell the tape or not, the family must first face one another and re-evaluate their lives.

In I Witness the camera ultimately turns back on the lives of this small African-American family and exposes their hidden secrets and lost dreams. (read excerpt)
Full Length Play:
Cast Breakdown:
1 African-American Man (40-50)
2 African-American Women (One 30-40; the other 60-70)


- DRAMA'S AUTHOR WINS FUTUREFEST AWARD A panel of five adjudicators chose Mary Miller's drama I Witness as the prize-winning play of the Futurefest. - Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH

- THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE FESTIVAL WAS MARY MILLER'S I WITNESS. The script both reads well and plays well. Ms. Miller has an outstanding ear for dialogue. Her language is full of both humor and poignancy. She also has a wonderful command of rhythm. Her characters are grounded in well-observed details, which make them specific and identifiable and interesting. I Witness is full of personal issues that involve one family, but the power of the script for me, is in its public address. Ms. Miller tells me one story, but through this one story I am privy to the stories of many who are trying to make ends meet, who are trying to do a little better, who have to determine what public repercussions their private decisions make. I Witness is intimate and broad. - Deborah Frockt - Assistant Literary Manager ACTORS THEATRE OF LOUISVILLE, Louisville, KY

- I WITNESS PLAYS ON LA'S KING THEME - Performance Shows Hardships of Survival. This was a play - a production of a play - that needed no excuses for being a work in progress. It was of finished quality thanks to the writing, the sure-handed and clear-thinking directing debut of Shelia Ramsey, and the performances of [the] cast members. Miller's play turned out to be much more than many of the things it might have been. It's about different generations, contemporary values and each person's bottom line. Like it's title, which gives no hints about its depth, I Witness is simple on the surface but woven through with complexities. - Terry Morris Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH

- OAKLAND ENSEMBLE SERVES UP A FINE KITCHEN DRAMA "I WITNESS" A Modern Morality Play. Miller quietly makes the connection between the beating the murdered man suffers and the beating this family has taken at the hands of fear, ignorance, poverty and society's indifference. The writing resonates believably as it makes Miller's points economically and effectively. - Matthew Surrence Tri-Valley Herald, Oakland, CA

- Playwright Mary Miller's portrayal of an African American family torn between righteousness and reaching for a dream is an eerie and moving slice of urban life. Miller paints a sometimes painfully honest, and sparse, vision of hopelessness, greed, justice and generational differences. I Witness is a strong, challenging play that delivers powerful performances, firm directing and leaves the audience pondering. - Tyler Davidson Urban Focus, Oakland, CA

- If Miller's original inspiration for I Witness was the Rodney King beating, the play explores personal territory removed from the volcanic explosion of anger that eventually consumed real-life Los Angeles. What unfolds onstage is an exploration of dreams: the lengths people will go/are forced to go to attain them, and the difficulty of dreaming at all in a world that matter-of-factly smothers hope. - J. H. Tompkins Oakland Tribune, Oakland, CA

- Miller's tart, lived-in dialogue and the generally assured performers do convey volumes about working class black existence today. Despite its obvious headline-paralleling hook, I Witness doesn't offer direct commentary on the ongoing King fiasco. Instead, its deliberately small scale delivers an affecting, microcosmic view of urban hope at end point. - Dennis Harvey The Bay Guardian, San Francisco, CA

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