When an inexplicable ball of light begins to shine in Dillard County, GA., it sends the townspeople scurrying for answers. What is it? Where did it come from? What does it want? Some ignore it, others dismiss it, some swear it is a UFO waiting to land. But, during the course of one long night, five people, gathered together at the "Home of the Light Cafe", will have their questions answered ... and the answers will change their lives forever.

Light Burgers Waltzing Through the Garden with Joe is a poignant comedy which explores the mystery of what can happen when ordinary people experience something extraordinary. (read excerpt)
Full Length Play:
Cast Breakdown:
2 Women (30-40)
3 Men (One 50-60; the other two 30-40)


- WINNER BEST ACTOR & BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS AWARDS - Georgia Theatre Conference 31st Annual Convention, Augusta, GA

- It's pure comedy, with a pinch of poignancy, and a dash of eeriness thrown into the mix. This delightful new play by the prolific Ms. Miller is being produced jointly by the Golden Isles Arts & Humanities Association and The Island Players Theatre. - Golden Islander, Jekyll Island, GA

- "Light Burgers Waltzing Through the Garden with Joe" was a hit! - Matt Fry, Brunswick News, Brunswick, GA

- ?Hold The Onions?: Buckhead native Mary Miller is making her playwriting debut in New York with Light Burgers Waltzing Through the Garden with Joe running Off-Off Broadway at the Carousel Theater Studio 145 W. 46thSt. - Atlanta Journal/Constitution, Atlanta, GA

- LISA [PELUSO] IS LOVING LIGHT BURGERS - "Merrillee is a cross between Designing Women's Suzanne Sugarbaker played by Delta Burke, Betty White, and A Streetcar Named Desire's Blanche. The light can be a metaphor for anything that is different, that people may not necessarily be able to explain or understand ... it's not a religious play ... but it is very spiritual." - Soap Opera Weekly, New York

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