- "NEXT"

While sitting in a doctor's office, waiting for a mammogram Claire, Joan, Barbara, and Anne learn more about their breasts, their lives, and the true meaning of support! (read excerpt)

"NEXT" is currently being used as an educational tool for hospitals and communities alike. It is part of Mary Miller's Acting Healthy program focusing on Breast Cancer and Survival.

One Act Play:
Cast Breakdown:
5 Women (ages mid 20's to 60's)
NOTE: The play is based on true-life accounts.


- A Must See Comedy! - Brunswick News, Southeast Georgia Health System, Brunswick, GA

- NEXT is a play that saves lives. Doris Shaheen Breast Health Center, Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, GA

- "Dedicated to all cancer survivors and fighters," NEXT is a perfect mix of humor and seriousness that left over 360 people in the audience thinking about their own health. Excela Health & Seton Hill University, Pittsburgh, PA

BUY THE PLAY: The play is available at Amazon - Kindle Books and Barnes & Noble - Nook Books. It can be downloaded to any Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows PC or MAC (see free Kindle or Nook application for your Windows PC or MAC.) You can begin reading in a matter of minutes. For production rights please contact Mary Miller at: