When Mattie summons her sister, Chandler, to come home because their oldest sister, Adele, has seen the statue of the Holy Virgin Mary crying real tears in their backyard, Chandler returns to Wyoming Avenue in Northern Pennsylvania to find more than a statue crying in the backyard. She returns to find that she must face the hopes, the dreams, the fears, and the failures she thought she'd left behind years ago when she abruptly left town moments before her father's funeral.

Virgin Tears on Wyoming Avenue is a dramatic/comedy that revolves around sibling rivalry, unrequited love and the Virgin Mary! (read excerpt)
Full Length Play:
Cast Breakdown:
3 Women (20-50 who could play sisters)
1 Man (the age of the middle sister)


- VIRGIN TEARS IS A BRILLIANT PRODUCTION - To call a play brilliant could be going out on a limb, however, I feel Virgin Tears deserves this praise. The dialogue is clever, crisp and well thought out. You are drawn to the characters as they try to rekindle old relationships. There are many issues within this household ... all kinds of twists and turns. It's about anger, pain, fear, and hope. I commend Theatre Conspiracy for bringing us this new play. - Island Sun, Ft. Myers, FL

- Three local actresses bring the distinctly different daughters to life with finely nuanced characterizations. The plot and performances effectively draw viewers into the world of the play. Miller's story is engaging, her dialogue is cleverly written, [she] adds spiraling dramatic subtexts to the sibling story. - News-Press, Ft. Myers, FL

- [The play is] worth seeing for a variety of reasons ... there are thought provoking lines and scenes and various approaches to faith that will instigate post-play discussions. [There is] a scene where Adele and Chandler tell their individual stories in alternating lines that is breathtaking. And the scenes where the sisters interact with each other with honest affection ring true. The characters change and grow over the course of the play, some in very surprising ways. "Virgin Tears" also raises some interesting concepts about God: whether we view God as judgmental and punishing, or all-loving and forgiving. And how true is faith that focuses on God to the exclusion of loving people? Unlike, Thomas Wolfe, playwright Mary Miller seems to believe that maybe you can go home again, and that miracles sometimes take place in real flesh and blood, not in wooden statues. - Naples Daily News, Naples, FL

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