It's the last meeting of the First Tuesday Book Club (which meets on Thursday!) and Allison, Mia, Fran, Louise, and Janice are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of their celebrity guest. Janice is determined to make a good impression despite the fact she hasn't read the book. Louise is thrilled at the idea of being in the same room as Oprah. Allison, however, is not convinced that Oprah's arrival will do anything but disrupt the meeting. Mia, arriving late as usual, is simply delighted that she hasn't missed anything yet. And Fran is just waiting for a miracle to change the course of her entire life.

As one hour rolls into the next, with no sign of their guest, the women jump from conclusion to conclusion as they speculate on: Why she is coming? What will she bring? Does this outfit make me look fat? But the question: Will Oprah come? ... is ultimately not as important as why they are there and what they learn about themselves and what they mean to each other. (read excerpt)

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Waiting for Oprah - Acting Healthy

Waiting for Oprah - Acting Healthy too!

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5 Women (ages mid 20's - 60's)
WAITING FOR OPRAH is currently being used as an educational tool for hospitals and communities alike. It is part of Mary Miller's Acting Healthy program focusing on Alzheimer's disease.


- AUDITION MONOLOGUES FOR YOUNG WOMEN - Contemporary Audition Pieces for Aspiring Actresses Edited by Gerald Lee Ratliff Published by Meriwether Publishing Ltd. "In Mia's Monologue she conveys her turbulent childhood in an emotionally absorbing recollection of her mother's death. It is an eloquent portrait of a young girl on a personal journey of self-discovery from darkness to light."

- "DON'T MISS WAITING FOR OPRAH!" The Islander St. Simons Island, GA.

- SMASH HIT! - Darien News, Darien, GA.

- DAYTON FUTUREFEST - [Saturday] morning yielded what was to become my favorite play. "Waiting for Oprah" by Mary Miller was a delight from start to finish. The plot involved five women and their beloved book club. Oprah, the icon of everything our shallow society holds dear, was coming to visit them. The excitement was felt differently by each of the club members and became a springboard for their personal revelations. Directed by Nancy Campbell, the dialogue was brilliantly executed by Dodie Lockwood, Cheryl Mellen, Wendi Michael, Linda Cole and Zendyn Duellman. They used the subtleties of the play to provide the audience with character identification, sympathy and convincing pathos, resutling in a great theatrical experience. - Reviews by Burt Saidel, Dayton, OH

- #1 "Waiting for Oprah" by Mary Miller - Critic's Scorecard - Terry Morris, Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH

- Voted #1 AUDIENCE FAVORITE - FutureFest Competition, Dayton, OH

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